Adventurous travel.  Accessible to all.

Whether you are dreaming about a trip to exotic Thailand, rustic Yellowstone National Park, romantic Venice or anywhere in between, Capital Travel and Events will help you every step of the way.  Being an independently owned and operated small business allows us to personalize every aspect of your vacation.  There are no customer service reps or automated emails, just one contact who will take care of all of your questions or concerns.

At Capital Travel and Events we believe that no one should be denied the opportunity to take the vacation they've always dreamed of.  We will work with each client regardless of their ability level to create the vacation of a lifetime.  We take accessibility personally and will assist with all research involved in preparing your fully accessible vacation.

Brief overview of our services:

Capital Travel and Events specializes in personal and leisure travel for individuals or groups to domestic and international destinations.  Working with a list of over 200 travel partners and providers the possibilities are endless!  You'll find more information in our Travel Planning section.

Newlyweds are also invited to take a look at some of the breathtaking destinations for honeymoons that Capital Travel and Events can assist with.  Whether you want a rustic or luxurious honeymoon, Capital Travel and Events will help create your second most special moment after your wedding... your honeymoon!

Work with an non-profit organization, school group or sports team?  Capital Travel and Events can help plan every detail of your travel from 10 to 125 (or more) participants.  Let us do the legwork to plan, organize, coordinate, book and ticket all plans from flights to tour buses to hotels!

Small businesses can also benefit from a partnership with Capital Travel and Events for travel planning services.  Providing the most affordable and efficient bookings can help your business remain on budget and on track.  If interested, please inquire by emailing business@capitaltravelandevents.com or calling 202-709-9897.  A response will be provided within 1 business day. 

Updated 9/7/14

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